Feel the Music! workshops are fun, interactive and engaging, providing high quality music education, a wide range of musical experience, and are tailored to participants’ needs. Many Feel the Music! workshops focus on the creation and performance of artistic works.

Why Feel the Music?

  • Hands-on, active participation in music and the arts
  • Learning from professional artists
  • Rooted in community partnerships
  • Based on in-depth experience and research

African/World Percussion

African/World Percussion workshops and classes provides a solid foundation in proper percussion technique (both hand drumming and sticks), names, categories and origins of instruments, and instruction in basics of rhythm playing. Teaching artist and renowned percussionist Bashiri Johnson has developed a variety of techniques which inspire and engage participants of all ages:  ‘speak beats’, call and response, instructor demonstrations and rhythm exercises, songs and games.

Participants learn how to listen and respond rhythmically, develop a sense of internal rhythm, gain confidence in their playing and discover how to play in time with others.

Brazilian Percussion

Brazilian Percussion workshops and classes introduce participants to the culture of Brazil and to teach basics of Brazilian percussion, learning to play rhythms from Bahia such as Samba, Afoxé and Samba-Reggae. Classes culminate in performance.

Participants learn names of instruments, purpose of drums in the context of Afro-Brazilian traditions, proper technique, listening, controlling level of sound, playing drums together with others, playing rhythms while moving. Participants learn how to listen and respond rhythmically, develop a sense of internal rhythm and gain confidence in their playing.


Songwriting workshops and classes engage participants in self-expression and creativity through lyric and melody. Song structure and the principles of lyric writing are explored, using free writing, brainstorming and free association to stimulate the creative mind. Participants analyze old and new hit songs, identify themes and develop listening skills.

Singing & Choir

Students in Singing and Choir classes and workshops learn proper vocal technique, warm-up and cool down exercises, posture and how to care for the human voice. Students gain confidence on how to express themselves using their voice. Basic music notation and sight singing are reviewed. Feel the Music! vocal music repertoire is made up of songs from many genres, including songs in a variety of languages. Singing workshops can be structured for special events, holidays, and other themed occasions.


Performance workshops focus on specific issues singers and musicians deal with in performance. Stage presence, how to ‘deliver’ a song, body awareness, stage fright and many more performance-related topics are discussed and explored. Each student is given supportive feedback and encouraged to try new techniques to become more comfortable with performance. Open to all levels in all genres, though typically more suited for high school students and/or those already performing in recitals, concerts, musical theater and other performances.


Piano classes and workshops teach students about proper posture, hand position and technique for playing the piano, beginning music notation and music theory, and offers fun but challenging repertoire. Piano lessons foster a love of music while teaching the basics of the instrument. Students are encouraged to write their own music.


Individual lessons and group classes in beginning, intermediate and advanced Guitar. Students learn the basics of the guitar (names of strings; parts of the guitar), how to tune the guitar and change strings, beginning music notation and guitar chord charts, fingerings and more. Students are encouraged to write their own music.  For electric guitar, special workshop available in amplifiers, pedal boxes, electronics.

Jewelry Design & Metalwork

Jewelry design and metalworking is a skill all enjoy learning. Participants work with brass, sterling silver and copper, learning how to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, belts, rings, hairpieces and learn about symbols and design principles. Beads and semi-precious stones in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes are provided for increased creativity, self-expression and individuality of design.


Workshop Archive:

Classes offered from 2005-2010 also included: Jazz Ensemble with Arturo O’Farrill, Intro to Latin Jazz, Master Class in Jazz Improv, Saxophone/Clarinet, Video Production, Music Technology, Parent-Child Music, Early Childhood Music, and Art.

No prior musical experience necessary to attend Feel the Music! workshops.