What We Do

What is Feel the Music!?

In Feel the Music! everyone participates in making music. The goal of all our Feel the Music! programs is to empower people to create their own music and to find their own creative self-expression.

Singing and drumming tap into one of the oldest and most primal parts of our shared human experience. As human beings we live in rhythm: our hearts beat from before we are born until the moment we die. Music is there, inside of each one of us, every single day of our lives.

To “Feel the Music” means being in the moment, creating music, singing, playing, actively engaging with rhythm & melody, feeling the sound vibrations that resonate through our bodies when we make music. You know it when you feel it!

Why Feel the Music?

We believe in the power of music and creative self-expression to help people connect with one another, with their communities, and even with themselves.

We offer world-class musicians and artists who inspire, teach and serve as positive role models.

Our programs include:

  • Hands-on, active participation in music and the arts
  • Learning from professional teaching artists
  • Rooted in community partnerships
  • Based on in-depth experience and research

For programs which require mental health support/outreach, our partnership with NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy provides highly trained therapists who participate in our workshops. In addition, many of our teaching artists have had additional training with Postdoc therapists for an awareness of the dynamics of trauma, family systems and bereavement.