Feel the Music! at Bailey’s Cafe

Feel the Music! at Bailey’s Cafe engages youth and older adults in intergenerational singing and art-making workshops. Students build individual skills and learn to share collectively with other generations, while engaging with the greater Brooklyn community.

Feel the Music! at Bailey’s Café:

– provides high quality music & arts skills to youth and elders
– opens doors for individual and collective growth
– builds bonds between generations through music & art


Youth, adults and elder residents of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, in partnership with Bailey’s Café.

“…we have conversations at workshops that revolve around issues of African-American culture, education, morality, politics.  I have always felt that there was something very vital in the combination of singing and discussion that naturally occurs.” -Stefanie Siegel, Executive Director, Bailey’s Café


“Music is giving part of your heart to someone else, singing your heart out”

“People singing together is people coming together”

“I would take this class again because it helps me express myself”

“I liked the bonding process that I had with the elders”

“I liked the energy of the young people and learning new skills”

“Feel the Music! workshops give youth someone to listen to them and challenge them”

“I feel the music!”


More information on research and benefits of music and the arts in intergenerational bonding/building community HERE.