Feel the Music! 9/11 Recovery

From 2005-2011 Feel the Music! ran the following music & arts programs which served the extended 9/11 community:

Feel the Music! programs:

Feel the Music! Saturdays – Full day program every Saturday for 9/11 family members at St. Peter’s Church, providing music, art, individual & group music lessons, lunch and discussion groups.

Feel the Music! Jazz Ensemble – Jazz improvisation for 9/11 family members, with opportunities for student performances in live concerts alongside professional musicians and recording sessions.

9/11 Weekend Retreats – Arts-based weekend retreats for 9/11 family members, responders & survivors

9/11 Summer Arts Retreats – Summer & fall retreats for 9/11 family members

Feel the Music! After-School – After-school music program for students in public schools in Chinatown and Lower Manhattan, including The Millenium High School, PS 42, PS 124 and PS 1. Also provided music workshops to teachers and guidance counselors in the 9/11 School Recovery Program.

The Frog Project – Music project centered around hand-painting percussion “frogs” (instruments) which connected 9/11 family members with families in other parts of the world impacted by terrorism and disaster.

The Mural Project – Ten large murals painted by 9/11 family members to commemorate their experience for the 10th anniversary of 9/11.


Partnered Projects:

RECYouth – partnered with NYC RECYouth program to bring video technology to 9/11 teens

WTC Responder Day – partnered with Mt. Sinai and The Tribute Center to bring music and arts to this annual city-wide event for WTC Responders and their families.

Project Common Bond – partnered with Tuesday’s Children to bring music and art to international teens impacted by terrorism.

9/11 Reflections – partnered with September 11th Families Association, The Tribute Center, Battery Conservancy to create a public art installation in Battery Park (August 2011).