Mawuena Kodjovi

p_mawuenakodjoviMawuena Kodjovi

Mawuena Kodjovi was born in Paris, France. He spent his entire childhood in Togo (West Africa) his father’s homeland. Very early, he learned his first chords on the guitar, observing and listening to his big brother and friends play High Life music. Later on, Mawuena went to music school in France. There, he studied music theory and specialized in Jazz. Although, he was still evolving into the Afro-Caribbean music scene. Since then, he collaborates with artists from all horizons. Upon arrival in the USA in 1998, Mawuena met the Great Babatunde Olatunji, and became his musical assistant for five years. Mawuena is not only a guitar player. He’s a multi instrumentalist who can also play Bass, Piano, Drums, Percussion…and of course Singer. Composer, Arranger, you name it. His musical knowledge covers a large number of genres. Over the years, Mawuena has developed his teaching art as well. He considers the transmission of the knowledge as a priority mission for all human being.