Feel the Music! at Project Common Bond

Project Common Bond A unique international initiative, Project Common Bond brings together teens from across the globe who have lost an immediate family member through an act of terrorism.

Feel the Music! has partnered with Project Common Bond since its inception in 2008, bringing music and healing to teens alongside world-renowned experts in leadership, intercultural communication and the expressive arts to foster collaboration, peace building and global stewardship.

August 2010: The Feel the Music! Common Bond Choir at Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Project Common Bond 2010 was held in Belfast, Northern Ireland with 75 youth (ages 13-19) from Spain, Israel, Palestine, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the United States. Feel the Music! provided the music programming for the week-long camp, creating the first Feel the Music! – Common Bond Choir. Under the direction of UN Choir President, Mary Lee Kortes, the newly formed Choir performed to standing ovation at the Great Hall, Queens University, Belfast.

In 2008 and 2009, Project Common Bond was held at Bryn Mawr College, in Pennsylvania.