All of us at Feel the Music! would like to take a moment to remember and honor the lives tragically lost 11 years ago; to send our love to the many they left behind; and to express our gratitude to those who courageously worked in the rescue and recovery efforts.

On this anniversary we are also reminded that the past 11 years have turned children into adults, strangers into friends, and individuals into strong communities.

We would like to share a poem that speaks to us on this day:

Exposed on the Cliffs of the Heart

Exposed on the cliffs of the heart. Look how tiny down there,
look: the last village of words and, higher,
(but how tiny) still one last
farmhouse of feeling. Can you see it?
Exposed on the cliffs of the heart. Stoneground
under your hands. Even here, though,
something can bloom; on a silent cliff-edge
an unknowing plant blooms, singing, into the air.
But the one who knows? Ah, he began to know
and is quiet now, exposed on the cliffs of the heart.

– Rainer Maria Rilke