The frog project continues! Feel the Music! families hand-painted a second batch of percussion frogs and we sent them to an army hospital in Iraq. These hand painted “Feel the Music!” frogs provided much needed moments of joy to dozens of soldiers. What brought tears to our eyes was learning the soldiers, once out of the hospital, are giving their frogs to Iraqi children.

Frog Project History: Starting in 2007, families who lost a loved one on September 11th hand-painted over one hundred twenty percussion frogs, in the hopes of connecting families in different countries and regions experiencing similar losses and grief. About half of the frogs were sent to “Association 11-M” in Madrid, and were delivered to children affected by the 2004 train bombings. The remaining frogs were sent to childcare centers in New Orleans through “We Care New Orleans”. The families chose to send the second batch of frogs to soldiers in Iraq. Plans for a third batch of frogs are in the works for 2009.