On this 12th anniversary of 9/11, all of us at Feel the Music! remember and honor those who tragically lost their lives twelve years ago. To all our families, to our extended 9/11 community, we send love and strength. As we remember, we love, we weep, and we find one another.

Our journey together over these twelve years has made profound changes in many of our lives. Today, we join you in remembrance.

In times of deep sadness and reflection we turn to the arts, to reach deep down where music, art or a poem speak for our souls. Reflecting on all the beautiful music we have created together over the years, we found this poem to be especially moving – and wanted to share it with you.

We are with you, today and all days.

On Music

Music: the breathing of statues. Perhaps:
the silence of paintings. Language where
language ends. Time
that stands head-up in the direction
of hearts that wear out.

Feeling…..for whom? Place where feeling is
transformed….into what? Into a countryside we can hear.

– Ranier Maria Rilke