On 2/18/16, I paid a visit to our Feel the Music! Singin’ Seniors class at St. Peter’s Church – what a treat! This thriving group has a loyal following of repeat students, and has grown with newcomers each year – this class had a whopping 21 students! It is a thrill to see and hear how they’ve grown in learning complex harmonies and rhythms – and most importantly, in learning to create together within community.

After class, I showed them a 15-minute video of their last singing concert, and they were tickled with joy and pride. One student teared up, and another, who began taking the class several sessions ago (and is typically very shy), was so excited that she asked for all of the recordings and audio we have! 🙂

The mission and vision of Feel the Music! resonates beautifully with this inspiring group, who are anxious to tell the world what they (and we) are doing! They are one of many reasons we love to FEEL THE MUSIC!!

Thank you, all, for your continued support of this important work.

With love and music,